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In Sep12, while searching online, i came across Indiagetonline ad, which offered free website and hosting with a .in name for a year. I checked it out, and it was pretty impressive with names like Google and Hostgator attached with this offer. I made a site and even though had major problems with the bundled site builder program, i was happy with the end result and decided to get the yearly package which they advertised at 50% off. The Baby Gator costed me 2800/- for unlimited hosting and unlimited domains for first year and here i will give you my first hand experience with Indiagetonline services, product features and support.

The problems started pretty much at the same time when i took the package, and my account was not updated by their support staff to add more domains even though i had paid the money. After 10 days of daily mails, finally someone from their tech support at Bangalore called me up and sorted the issue.

I started adding domains to my account and using the bundled site builder, created websites for my work. The site builder program offered in the package is notorious for hanging up if you have taken some time for typing in the moment you submit, its all lost as the program freezed. You have no choice but to open it in another window all over again and start afresh. When contacted, the support team said, that’s the way it is, and they can do little about it.

2 Months down the line, i got a mail saying that my account had been suspended due to pan card verification issue. I was shocked as i had given all details - correct to my knowledge and had even paid for this service which they so balantly shut down, without even calling me for verification. I had Google adwords and Facebook ads campaigns going on 2 of my sites and par at least One hours the users reached an error page and i got charged for the clicks just because the support staff at Indiagetonline has no sense of what they are doing.

I lost some 700 Rs for this issue and when i called them, they immediately unsuspended my account feigning ignorance of how it happened and when i asked for a manager, told me that he is not available and will call me back later. As you can understand, noone called till date.

Barely 15 days had passed when i noticed that all my sites were going down for a few minutes every hour daily. It was bad, so i took snapshots and sent it to indiagetonline team for support..after 15 days some good person told me that there was some settings issye with my domains and i need to correct it. I did that immediately and behold ..the issue continued.

Indiagetonline staff was sent snapshots of all my domains which were hosted with them, down simultameously, which first they refused to acknowledge and then finally sent me mails saying that all are working NOW.

The Ticket ID: PBX-20084648 is open for more than a month and i have received ever pointed mails from their staff which have more instructions to me rather than any relief. They behave as if providing support is not their job and they can blame some server in between for the issue.

I am a non technical guy and they want me to take some 5-6 steps everytime my sites are down, where as they have not taken one step upon more than 50 emails i have sent to them. Seems like i am working for them and have to take their *** now that i have bought their package!

To those people who are planning to take Indiagetonline package - please understand that while it comes cheap now, it will cause major hassles in future. What good is your website, which will be offline for 10 minutes every hour? What good is support when they shut your account without even bothering to give you a call? How can you rate services and support which send you more instructions when all you want is some sincere help?

Indiagetonline has just entered the market, and is trying to make a name using cheap products, but apparently, it has already integrated the cheap qualities all of us are already used to and disgusted with

Review about: Website Hosting Site.

Monetary Loss: $500.

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